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Carlos A. Nobre

University of São Paulo



Carlos A. Nobre is an Earth System scientist from Brazil, who dedicated his scientific career mostly to Amazonian and climate science. He is currently a senior researcher with the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of São Paulo, the creator of the Amazon Third Way-Amazonia 4.0 Initiative and a Senior Fellow at the World Resource Institute (Brazil). He was one of the authors of the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment report, which was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Almost 30 years ago, he proposed the hypothesis of Amazon ‘savannization’ in response to deforestation. He is a former National Secretary of R&D of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil and former Member of the High-Level Scientific Advisory Panel on Global Sustainability at the UN. He is also foreign member of the US National Academy of Sciences and of the World Academy of Science.

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